How to export bounces

There are 3 kinds of bounces that you are seeing. Hard bounces, soft bounces and internal bounces. Hard bounces are the bounces that are relevant and of interest to your list providers.

Internal bounces - Your domain or IP are blacklisted because of spammy content, spam complaints, your links in your email content are blacklisted or your subject lines are considered spam. Our IP Blacklist Monitoring team monitors and delists your IPs.

Soft Bounces - The recipient email server or inbox is disabled or full causing it to be temporarily unavailable. The system will automatically resend to soft bounces.

Hard Bounces - The email address does not exist.

To export the bounces do the following:

  1. Login in to your dashboard.
  2. Go to campaigns.
  3. Click on the overview button of the right side of the campaign.
  4. Go to tracking stats.
  5. Click on the number that shows the amount of bounces.
  6. Click on the export reports button.

This will pull out all of your bounces. They will be labelled as hard, soft or internal.

If you have any questions please give us a time and best contact number to reach you.

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